Smarter Practice,

Faster Results.

Smarter Practice,

Faster Results.

#1 Golf Training Aid 2022



#1 Golf Swing Aid 2022


Easily Detect & Correct Flaws In Your Swing

Provides clear, visual feedback on every swing so you know exactly what to fix. 

No Ball Necessary. Practice Anywhere, Anytime.

Get your Divot Doc™ today and get faster, better results from each session.

No Ball Necessary. Practice Anywhere, Anytime.

Get your Divot Doc™ today and get faster, better results from each session.

Divot Doc™ Pro

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Read Your Divots To Reach Your Full Potential


Designed to withstand the forces of your hardest swing without losing any sequins. In fact, we guarantee it will last for 5,000 swings or we'll send you another!


Have 5 minutes to kill at work? Just set it down & start swinging! Our mat will stay put on any surface, so you can practice wherever you want. No setup required.


No matter your skill level, this training aid is going to do wonders for your golf game. Get yours today and reap the rewards of more convenient, effective practice!

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We stand behind our products and accept returns, so you can buy with complete confidence. If you change your mind and want your money back, no hard feelings - just let us know within 30 days. If you lose a sequin before 5,000 swings, we'll replace it for FREE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my divot matter?

When it comes to making huge improvements in a very short period of time, most personal trainers think of divots as "low hanging fruit" 

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of skill and experience to read divots on real grass. So those fruits have been out of reach for most golfers... until now!

We created the Divot Doc™ Pro so every golfer can access and use their divot feedback - without hiring a personal trainer.

For the first time ever, you can get crystal clear, unambiguous visual feedback on exactly WHERE and HOW your golf club is contacting the ground. 

The cherry on top? 

It works with or without a ball. So you can practice easier, and more conveniently than ever before. 

Get yours today and practice anywhere, anytime. 

Can a novice golfer benefit from it?

The Divot Doc™ Pro is for golfers of all skill levels!

Regardless of your experience,  your divots will tell us what is going on with your swing. The Divot Doc™ Pro just makes that information unambiguous and easy to read, so you know exactly what you have to do to further improve your swing.

So, whether you're a pro or just a beginner trying to learn the fundamentals, you're going to love our training aid and probably kick yourself for not getting one sooner! 

Will sequins fall off?

We designed our mat to withstand hard swings for a very long time, and paid extra attention to the sequins. 

The sequins might look like they'll fly off easily, but that is not the case! We paid extra attention to the sequins when designing the Divot Doc™ Pro - they're much stronger than you'd think!

You will see some minor on your sequins in as little as 200 swings, but that's normal and it will not affect the functionality of your mat. You should not, however, see ANY sequins fall off completely - at least not for a very long time or over 5,000 swings.


We stand behind our product 100% so we will actually send you a free replacement if you lose a sequin before 5,000 swings. If that happens, please just contact our customer service. To prevent abuse of this warranty, we will require some information, as well as a picture and/or video of your mat.

Do I need to attach it to the ground?

No. The Divot Doc™ Pro was designed with a strong & heavy rubber base which creates friction and ensures the mat doesn't move on just about any surface. No stakes or velcro needed. It does, however, come with a stake which can be used for extra stability. The hole towards the top can also be used to attach it to the tee at a driving range. 

Can it be used on cement or hard floors?

Yes. The Divot Doc™ Pro features a shock-absorbing felt layer and sturdy rubber base, allowing it to be used on literally any surface. Cement, rock, dirt, grass, your kitchen counter... 

Wherever you're comfortable swinging a club around, you can use the Divot Doc™ Pro! Just don't hold us responsible if you break your TV!

How do I set it up & use it?

1. POSITIONFor indoor or outdoor use, simply lay the mat down on any surface. The sole creates enough friction to prevent any moving. 

2. SWING - Let it rip, with or without a ball.

3. READ -  After your swing, read your divot. Your divot will be revealed by a white streak of sequins that shows your swing path and club contact points. Assess changes & make any necessary adjustments for your next swing.

4. REPEAT Use your club or hand to reset the sequins, and go again.

How long will it last?

We've tested the Divot Doc™ Pro up to 5,000 swings and they are still just as functional as when they were brand new!

After 100 swings, you will start seeing some minor wear & tear.

After 1,000 swings, you may have some bent sequins, but the functionality does not change.

After 5,000 swings, you may start seeing some sequins fall off which would mean it's probably time to replace your felt top and sequins entirely, but, that's totally up to you. We have some customers who are at 10,000 swings plus and their mat is still going strong!

If your Divot Doc loses a sequin or rips before 5,000 swings, please contact us. We will replace it for free! 

What are the dimensions and weight?

At roughly 2.5 lbs, our mat is heavy enough to stay sturdy and remain stationary while being used, but still light enough to carry around conveniently. It's 19 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick. 

What does each divot mean? How do I read them?

To help you read and interpret your divots, we have a help center. Please click here.