Scorched VIP Club


  • Free Express Shipping

  • $10 Monthly Store Credit

  • 30 Day Free Trial


By opting into the Scorched VIP program, you agree to our Terms of Service, acknowledge our membership auto-renewal terms, and consent to being billed a monthly recurring fee of $24.13 in order to retain your membership. You may cancel at anytime by contacting our customer service. 

First-time subscribers of Scorched VIP Club will receive a 30 day FREE Trial. During your 30 day trial, you will receive the FULL BENEFITS of being a Scorched VIP Club member. 

At the end of your 30 day trial, your membership will auto-renew using the card on file. You will start being charged $24.13 a month, every month. This monthly fee will continue unless you take action to cancel your membership. There is no contract, so you may cancel at any point during your 30 day trial to avoid being charged. 

First-time subscribers will also be able to select a FREE VIP Sign-Up Gift from a select group of products (ranging from $67.95 to $89.95 in value) at Checkout.

While you may cancel your Scorched VIP Club membership at ANY time, please note that memberships cancelled during the first 8 days of the 30 day trial will no longer be eligible to receive their FREE VIP Sign-Up Gift. As a result, the selected gift will be removed from the order and won't be shipped.

If you've decided our VIP program is not right for you, you can cancel your membership by simply logging into our Support Center.

If you have any trouble cancelling or just prefer to cancel it by phone, please dial 1-855-441-7642 and we'll be happy to get it cancelled for you.

Please keep in mind, however, that you will be forfeiting any un-used store credits by cancelling. As a result, we recommend you redeem your rewards points and use your store credits before cancelling. You will see the value of all your rewards and store credits in the Subscription tab, so you can decide what you'd like to do.

Charges will appear on your billing statements as Scorched Survival.

How To Sign Up
You can sign-up for Scorched VIP through our checkout flow while making a regular purchase. Just look for the option to add it to your order!

Scorched VIP Club
30 day FREE trial
FREE VIP Sign-Up Gift
$24.13 per month 
Cancel anytime

FREE VIP Express Shipping & Exclusive Deals member-only deals, sent directly to your inbox. In addition, you'll get 30% off all future purchases and earn 5% cashback (as store credit) for every $1 spent on our site. Each month of membership will also earn you $10 store credit which can be used towards future purchases.

Fast FREE delivery
Get priority shipping on all orders for free with Scorched VIP Club.

Monthly Store Credit

Get a $10 store credit every single month.

Earn Bonus Rewards
Get 5% cashback (as store credit) on every order.

Exclusive Deals
Get exclusive access to deals and discounts before anyone else.

Save Big
Get 30% off all future orders.

Redeeming Rewards
To redeem and use your rewards points and monthly store credits:

1.) Visit our Support Center
2.) Enter your Email & Order Number
3.) Click "See your orders"
4.) Select "Redeem Points" under Rewards
5.) Enter the amount you want to redeem
6.) Click "Redeem"
7.) Save your Coupon code and use it at checkout

How To Cancel
You can cancel your Scorched VIP Club membership at any time.. This can be done on our website, by calling 1-855-441-7642, or by emailing

To immediately cancel your membership:

1.) Visit our Support Center
2.) Enter your Email & Order Number
3.) Click "See your orders"
4.) Select the "Subscriptions" tab
5.) Click "Cancel" under the "Options" menu
6.) Complete the form

If you have any questions or would like additional information on Scorched VIP Club, please do not hesitate to call us and we would be more than happy to help.

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